"Yeosan" means "like a mountain" in Korean. It implies persistence, enthusiasm and perpetuation. In this world where everything is changing easily and every day, it is not easy to be unchanged. However, we promise that we will be always on your side like the mountains behind your homes.

"Yeosan's difference"

Our office is small in size. But we believe that the size does not guarantee the quality. Because of our small size, we are able to provide the legal service in accurate and speedy ways, both of which are really required in this fast changing world.

In addition, because we are small, we are fast to make decisions and respond to clients. we are ready to hear you voices.

"One-Stop services"

Together with associated offices, Yeosan Law Offices provides general consulting services not only legal advices but also patent and accounting advices. At one contact, all your needs will be satisfied.


Fee Structure

Foreign Investment
M&A and Joint Venture
Intellectual Property
International Trade
Company Establishment


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