"One of small number of law firms specialized in maritime cases"

The number of law firms that can deal with maritime cases is very small to the extent you can count with your fingers. Since our lawyers and staffs have been practicing maritime cases for a long time, Yeosan Law Offices is a very well known law office both to shipping companies and to insurance companies.

"Scope of works"

Our maritime services encompass ship arrest, bills of lading, letter of credit, lost goods, pollution, salvage, personal injury, marine insurance, ship purchase, charterparty disputes and liens.

"Providing legal opinions"

In addition to common maritime works, we are providing legal opinions to the arbitral tribunals or courts in the case where the Korean laws are applied partially or entirely. Our lawyers are so familiar with governing law issues as well as maritime laws that we are advising in three dimensions particularly when the lex fori recognizes Renvoi.



Fee Structure

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Yeosan Law Offices is providing the agency service for the foreign companies which do not need habitual staffs in Korea.

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