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Yeosan Law Offices are advising several government institutions conducting IP protection and concerned policies


Yeosan Law Offices published "How to draft license agreement" together with the Software Copyright Protection Committee. We dare to say that Yeosan is the best law office in licensing. We represent and protect our clients in every aspect in licensing including royalty, anti-trust, distributorship agreement, adaptation and so on.

"Copyright and software copyright"

The computer software is protected as a literal work by the Computer Program Protection Act. This act have no big difference from the Copyright Act. These two acts are scheduled to be consolidated soon. The Software Copyright Protection Committee, one of our client, has evaluated the rate of reproduction when infringement of copyright is at stake by way of reproduction. The copyright act is very similar to those of other developed countries.

"Trade mark and domain name dispute"

Trade marks is protected by the Trade Mark Act and the domain names are protected by the Internet Address Resource Act and the Unfair Competition Ac in terms of regional domain names such as "". Regarding Top Level Domain(TLD) such as ".or", ".com", the Trade mark Act or Uniform Domain Name Disputes Resolution will be applied. We have returned an American company's domain name from the cybersquatter in which case applicability of UDRP was recognized by the Court for the first time.



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